Mar. 7th, 2009 11:02 pm
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Slightly too much alcohol for conversation = WAY too much alcohol for making coherent statements on student papers.

I made roast beef poboys with debris gravy on homemade Louisiana-style French bread for dinner.  The meat was perfect; the bread was actually quite good for a classic french bread, but a little too stiff for NOLA.  Still, delicious.  Pity my camera has gone AWOL.

I'm in a musical.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, March 20 and 21, Tix 25-30 for adults depending on section.

Lávash Café had a special on okra and tomato stew today.  It was fantabulous.

I'm completely fucking swamped with work.  My current mild inebriation is less than conducive to work.  This is definitely an error in judgment.

Did I mention the vast win of the roast beef?  Seriously.

Also, Thurn's souse is so many kinds of amazing I can't describe, even if the Facebookers seem to think the mere concept is gross.  They are, obviously, wrong.

Also also, the CGMC people are WAY more active on FB than most of my other friends.  A little bit of an adjustment.

Also cubed, if you're waiting for your roast beast to finish, a snack-sandwich of buttered toast, whole-grain mustard, sweet relish, and smoked turkey is divine.

Date: 2009-03-08 04:54 am (UTC)
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I don't think I've mentioned that I'm sad I'll be in town a week and a half before your show. But it does. =( I'll still be there in spirit!


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