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The last week or so has been all about celebration, really: good, but bittersweet.  My parents and grandparents were both in town for Epilog, which was a resounding success.  (And it was great to have Jess and Jeff in attendance -- thanks guys!)  I really love reading, so it was good to be able to do that.  And to be able to get some pictures of Jarod and I in nice clothes -- I'll upload some when I have a chance!

And the hits just kept on comin'.  I had already turned in my last paper ever the day before (it was... eh; but it doesn't really matter, does it?), and most of my students turned in their portfolios on Monday.  And then today I had my last shift at the DMP... so now my keyring is absurdly sparse.

To be honest, I'm sad to be leaving the DMP.  It was a good job, an enjoyable work environment, and I loved my coworkers.  Scott and everybody gave me a quick but heartfelt sendoff, but I had to get out of there before I got all choked up.  Luckily there were envelopes to be stuffed for the Journal, and massive burgers and fries at, natch, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which I can now heartfeltedly recommend.

In fact, it's been a good food day all around.  Jarod took me out tonight to graduate; we went to the new Thai place down in the Short North (which, ah, isn't so much 'new' any more), Nida's Thai on High.  Quite lovely.  Very tasty.  Great green curry, a lovely panang curry for Jarod, and some quite tasty fresh spring rolls to start.  But the drinks were even more exciting; J's Bangkok Buckeye was chocolate and peanut vodkas with Thai chili, and my Isaan Spritzer was lime-infused vodka with peanut-infused simple syrup.  I plan on recreating it as soon as possible, though with some bubbles added, I 'spect.  SO GOOD.

And then too, celebrations of other sorts: Jarod's birthday was yesterday; I've been giving him small gifts day by day, and we'll have a good day of celebration on Friday.  We're watching his second gift right now -- Amadeus -- I already gave him Speaker for the Dead, since he loves Ender's Game so much.  And he, sweet boy that he is, gave me graduation gifts: a briefcase and a promise of bike shopping :)

Now I just have to get a job!  I have an application in to Arts & Sciences Advising at OSU, and I'll be submitting a couple more to various depts at OSU tomorrow, as well as starting my search for non-OSU positions.  So... keep me in your prayers/thoughts?

And soon, San Diego.  Which reminds me: anybody available for airport runs this Saturday morning and next Sunday (the 21st) morning?  Or some occasional cat-sitting in between (Chewy will be kenneled, but Phoebs will be around)?
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