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SSIA, really.  I had a lovely weekend :)

Friday was a pointless day at work, so I was feeling a little blah.  But then I came home, and it all got better!

First, we went to the Burgundy Room, WHICH I LOVE.  There were French fries with truffled basil aioli.  There were holy-shit-amazing pork carnitas.  There was pork tenderloin with pumpkin hash.  And there was shrimp and grits.  And wine.  And a couple of martinis.  Love the Burgundy Room.

And thence to Axis, to see my friend Cate (and other people) in Center Stage Players' production of She Loves Me.  It was also lovely!  Ok, well, their sound guy might have been asleep at the switch, and there were some set painting... difficulty.  But Cate can sing the shit out of some musical theatre :)

Oh, and did I mention that in between we went to Jeni's?  There were many deliciousnesses.  Most exciting was the Norwegian Winter Spices ice cream.

And then there was snow!  Which was minor here in C'bus -- sorry, east coasters.  OK, I'll admit, I disliked driving in it, because I'm a pansy that way, but it's very pretty :)

Next, Saturday.  A couple of the chorus members came over for potluck and games.  I was not that gungho at first, but it turned out to be quite enjoyable.  Hit of the evening: mahjongg.  And the strange amalgam of Texas brisket, Midwest scalloped potatoes, Japanese-American cabbage salad, and stolen-from-an-Italian cookbook apple cake really worked together.

(Yes, this post is mostly about food.  What's your point?)

Today I read William Gibson's Neuromancer, bought new socks, made an amazing shrimp stew, and candied some orange peel preparatory to making orangettes.  Mmm.  Candied orange peel.


Mainly for my own reference, but you can work with it if you want:

Tasty Shrimp Stew that tastes oddly like Tom Yum Ga, only not

Make a golden roux from a quarter-cup of flour and of olive oil

Throw in a red onion, chopped.

Throw in ~1# of raw 31/40 shrimp; cook till they're pink.

Add in, oh, 2 cups(?) of corn kernels and a couple chilis, sliced (keep seeds).  And celery?  Or not.

Add in 1 c tomato sauce with basil (from orange tomatoes if you're fancy) and ~3 c water (to cover/right consistency)

Simmer for 20-30 minutes

Add in a BIG pile of cilantro and the juice of one lime or so.

Delicious.  Cornmeal crunch to accompany?  Or not.

Date: 2009-12-21 05:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tiggerbone.livejournal.com
Speaking of food, you need to come visit me in Chicago and try the french fries cooked in duck fat that I found! I recommend waiting until the spring, but I would not complain if I saw you sooner. Hmm, maybe you could come out for Taste of Chicago!


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