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It's everyone's favorite kind of post -- a GOODTHINGS BADTHINGS POST!!!

GoodThing: Beechwold Hardware is made of magic, and carries a full range of metric-sized shelf supports, including metal ones! (Most big-box flat-pack bookcases take 5mm pegs; most big-box hardware stores only carry plastic 5mm pegs, which in my experience shear off and dump a shelf-full of books on the floor.)  This means that I've now got most of my books unpacked, yay!

BadThing: I left my multitool sitting, open, in the middle of the floor.  I then proceeded to kick it and bury the point a quarter-inch in the ball of the foot (before sending it skittering across the floor).

GoodThing:  I finally got around to making chicken stock, which I've been meaning to do.  Six quarts of homemade chicken stock, huzzah!

BadThing: I couldn't find my roasting pan to save my soul.  Matter of fact, I couldn't find any of my baking dishes.  This is a problem, since I tend to stack bags of stock in the roasting pan to freeze flat and contained.

GoodThing: This led me to finally conduct a really, really, really thorough search, since that brought the tally of missing items to not only the baking dishes, but also the loaf pans and the sheet pans.  I discovered that what had seemed to be a box full of useless crap was actually a box of useful baking dishes covered with a layer of useless crap.  Aha.

BadThing: Cherry tomatoes, languishing in a plastic sack on the countertop, had begun to explode and putrefy.

GoodThing: Still enough good ones left to make a three-quarter sheet pan full of oven-dried tomatoes (think sun-drieds, but not, you know, sun-dried).

BadThing: I ran out of motivation to make a Better-Than-French Onion Dip idea I have running around in my head.

GoodThing: I did manage to bake some bread today.  And there's always tomorrow!

Also I watched Jurassic Park today and it was lovely.  Clever girl.
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What the hell.  It's like I have a 50-50 chance of making seitan successfully... I don't get it.  I took the standard recipe and halved it, since that was how much gluten flour I had.  I had a scant cup of gluten, so I also made the liquid scant.  But it still should have worked; proportions were the same.  I altered the spicing, but the spices aren't water-bearing or water-sucking, they're just spices (with the possible exception of the ground-up bouillon cube, but even so that shouldn't change it much).  I used non-standard liquids, but still: a liquid's a liquid, as long as it's aqueous.  I may have overdone the yeast a little bit, but I'm not certain if that accounts for the bizarreness.  The bizarreness, by the way, is that the seitan categorically refused to become, you know, seitan.  It wouldn't form a gluten matrix, which... ok, but... the flour is pure gluten.  If you put it in the presence of moisture and look at it funny, it should make a protein matrix.  Not a moist, non-bound blob.  I ended up (well, I should say the trash ended up) with these little blobs that resembled nothing so much as polenta dumplings. 

*throws hands up in the air in a sign of exasperated defeat*

Fuck you, fake meat.  My fried potatoes sauteed in bacon fat were delicious, and the bacon bits weren't made of mush.  So there.


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