Mar. 7th, 2009 11:02 pm
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Slightly too much alcohol for conversation = WAY too much alcohol for making coherent statements on student papers.

I made roast beef poboys with debris gravy on homemade Louisiana-style French bread for dinner.  The meat was perfect; the bread was actually quite good for a classic french bread, but a little too stiff for NOLA.  Still, delicious.  Pity my camera has gone AWOL.

I'm in a musical.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, March 20 and 21, Tix 25-30 for adults depending on section.

Lávash Café had a special on okra and tomato stew today.  It was fantabulous.

I'm completely fucking swamped with work.  My current mild inebriation is less than conducive to work.  This is definitely an error in judgment.

Did I mention the vast win of the roast beef?  Seriously.

Also, Thurn's souse is so many kinds of amazing I can't describe, even if the Facebookers seem to think the mere concept is gross.  They are, obviously, wrong.

Also also, the CGMC people are WAY more active on FB than most of my other friends.  A little bit of an adjustment.

Also cubed, if you're waiting for your roast beast to finish, a snack-sandwich of buttered toast, whole-grain mustard, sweet relish, and smoked turkey is divine.
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The dark: I'm still in it.  AEP tells me that I'll have power by Friday midnight latest, and I'm really really really hoping it'll happen earlier.  Say, tonight.  Not holding my breath, though.  [ profile] knightvln was kind enough to hook me up with some ice from the B&N cafe today, so my chest freezer -- which had crept up to a slightly worrisome 38 degrees -- is back down to 35 this afternoon.  A lot of that stuff shouldn't be refrozen, of course, but at least it's not spoiling -- I'll just have to cook a lot of formerly-frozen items, is all. 

I've really been mostly ok with the blackout, but it's been hard the last couple of days, since the people across the street got power Tuesday afternoon.  Before, it was all community-banding-together-oh-look-how-fun-this-is-like-camping.  Now it's the haves and the have-nots :)  I'm just envious, is all. 

Bigger madness today was an eye appointment, where they took very high quality pictures of the back of my eyeball to have a baseline for comparison.  To do so they had to dilate my eyes.  Now, I'm not a huge fan of being dilated, but it's hardly a new occurrence; I'm pretty accustomed.  Today, however, I forgot my glasses at home, so I had to wear my contacts while dilated, which I've never done before.  I thought it would be pretty much the same, but it's a whole different experience.  I have NEVER felt so googly-eyed.  It didn't help that the nurse accidentally got two drops in my right eye, so one eye was more deeply dilated than the other.  I felt almost drunk.  I'm mostly back to normal now, although I can tell that my right eye is still wackajiggered.  Ugh.  Thank God I don't have to do that again for at least 4 more months.
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Jesus.  On Tuesday, I woke up with what I am charitably referring to as the Plague.  I stayed home from class, slept, drank tea, yadda yadda yadda.  Wednesday and Thursday I was improving, but last night both Mom and Kevin were under the impression I should take some sort of medication, which isn't necessarily untrue.  So now I'm on Drixoral, which is one of the few cold medications that my body actually responds to (yay chemical resistance!).  The problem, though, is that I really need to read this one critical article and write a Statement of Understanding so I can go to Kentucky tomorrow, but honestly?  I feel really drunk, and I can hardly focus my brain at all.  I wouldn't trust myself to drive right now.  God, I hate this fucking medicine-head feeling.  I made the executive decision to finally watch this past Tuesday's Gilmore Girls in the hopes that maybe I'd "sober up" by the time it finished, but if anything I feel more out of it.  Maybe if I go to the coffee shop the cool air outside and the caffeine inside will wake me up.  Or I'll fall asleep slumped over the critical text, one of the two.  *rolls eyes*
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I celebrated St. Patrick's Day yesterday, as did much of Baton Rouge.  As in all things, we celebrated by having a parade.  Of course, that means something different here than throughout the rest of the country.  Here in South Louisiana, we not only march in parades, we throw things as well.  Beads, cups, doubloons.  Other random things.  New Orleans does us one better by also throwing potatoes, carrots, and cabbages.  Yet one more reason New Orleans parties better than most other places: they do your grocery shopping for you.  Nevertheless, we still have a good time.  pictures on Flickr as usual, but here's my favorite parade picture:

So, as yesterday was also Tom's birthday, we partied.  My goodness but we partied.  Started out at Tom and Marianne's before and after the parade, and then adjourned to Richmond's for... well, further drinking, pretty much.  We had not one but two people pass out: Tom and, uh, me.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Killian's, nor the Irish whiskey, nor the Abita, nor the Three Olives vodka.  No, I'm pretty sure it was the Pravda vodka that did me in.  I awoke at 4:30am on Rich's couch, hiccuppy and more than a bit confused.  Apparently there was a whole thing with going outside to see Tom passed out on the lawn, but I don't recall it.  Apparently also after the rest of the world went away Rich made dinner for himself and watched SNL 'with' me, Weekend at Bernie's-style, 'cause I know I wasn't conscious.  Various incriminating pictures at Flickr, of course, but here's a lovely Team Vag picture (Team Vag... is a long story):


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