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As of just a few minutes ago, I have officially made my decision regarding the next phase of my life: next fall I'll be a first-year Creative Writing grad student at The Ohio State University.  I'm very glad that I wrote to LSU first, because after I sent that email I was left with a sick feeling in my stomach: I know it was the right decision for me, but I still HATE to burn bridges, and I HATE leaving people behind.  Luckily the email to the folks at OSU helped me to regain my good feeling about this, as I took the time to thank them for their involvement and interest throughout this process, which in turn reminded me of the exact reasons for my choice.

(Go Bucks.)
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I have been having a wonderfully wonderful visit.  I'll try to get everything in, but I may skip some stuff, oops.

So, Meg picked me up from CMH without a hitch.  The plane ride from Memphis to CMH, btw, was a special kind of hell.  It wasn't really NWA's fault, actually, it was just the plane itself.  I have gone from a general distaste for Embraer jets (little 2-seats-to-a-side jet) to a profound hatred of them.  This is directly related to the fact that as the years go by my right foot (and only my right foot, weirdly) swells more and more when I fly, so I have to take off that shoe to stop the pinching.  Which is great and all, but then the Embraers are so wee that I'm also contorting my legs at bizarre angles such that blood flow becomes a major issue.  Not fun.  Not NWA's fault, but not fun.  Also not fun is the large man in the seat next to me, making me turn awkwardly to fit in the seat.  Anyway.

I spent most of Wednesday night at Rennie Dinner and then at Fight Guild practice.  I'm very impressed with how Fight Guild has grown progressively more structured under Cathy.  I remember it being rather disjointed and lackadaisical, since Pat didn't really adequately rein in the trouble-causing elements (*cough* = me).  Ended the night sitting and drinking coffee at the Rennie House with Jeff and Jessica.

Thursday and Friday, only 1601 more words! )
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For the past few days, I have been indulging in a terrifically fun activity, which may in fact be the flamingest thing I do on a regular basis.  No, this does not involve the ever-growing porn collection on my computer.

It does, however, involve a singer who could arguably be called a gay icon (the Wikipedia seems to agree): Mariah Carey.  I have already confessed to a guilty enjoyment of her Daydream album, but I haven't actually listened to it in quite a long while.  Well, the other day I got the song "Always Be My Baby" stuck in my head, and had to dig out the CD, which was miraculously un-destroyed like most other CDs in the case (don't ask).  So... in addition to ripping it into the mp3 player and playing it while I was working in the kitchen, I blared it in the car.  Going down Kenilworth.  With all my windows down.  Singing along with "Always Be My Baby" at the top of my lungs and hitting. every. note.  It was great fun!  I felt young and carefree, and had a weird sensation of being in Florida (I don't even know). 

Of course, then I got home and was chatting with a neighbor kid... and I realized the album's older than he is (it came out in 1995, he's ten years old -- do the math).  That was a bit odd.


There is a marathon of New Scandinavian Cooking on the local PBS affiliate right now.  How can one man be so lucky?


Is there a particular reason I don't make quesadillas every day?  I made one today with a wonderful hard Irish cheese and leftover 40-clove chicken, and it was delicious and super quick!  I honestly don't think I have ever before in my life made a quesadilla... that is a crime against good food if I ever heard of one.


My thesis has to be given to my committee members Monday (or, in Dr. Cerquiglini's case, airmailed to Paris).  I spent a solid block from 2pm til about 11pm today reading translation theory and taking notes (well, except for the time I took to make a chicken groundnut stew, but I read during the downtime of that ever).  I basically have to write my translator's note tomorrow.  I haven't the vaguest idea how long it will be.  I fear it'll either ramble or end up disturbingly pompous.  Oh gods, what have I done?  Too much putting off, too much.  And now at the 11th hour I've decided that it needs to be more critically rigorous than I had originally intended.  Zounds.


Got my letter of admission from LSU two day ago.  The money's not as good as at OSU, although it's close, so... yeah.  Of course there are other factors to consider there, too, which could really work in either direction.  I mean, I'm here, staying wouldn't be uprooting myself at all (bonus.), but then again I wouldn't get that fresh start I'm looking for; geographic dislocation is a fine, tangible marker for new endeavors.  Of course, there's tone of admission, too: OSU has been very excited/-ing, very welcoming, while LSU was so businesslike as to be disturbingly brusque.  Also of course, Shane did mention that it wouldn't be at all a bad idea to look at the faculty's writings, since they will be the ones who will be molding/evaluating my work wherever I go.  And then again, Indiana's not even got back to me yet, and they will add a whole new dimension of madness to the mix.  Arg.  This was all so easy and cleancut for undergrad and my first grad program... I guess this is payback.
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It's like the clouds opened up.  It's like a huge weight has been lifted from my chest.  I finally got an email from Zachary Richard today.  Background: I am translating an Entire Copyrighted Work.  This goes WAY beyond the already fuzzy legal boundaries of free use, so per university guidelines and for my own comfort I need a written authorization.  Well, he's been in Canada and out of touch, and I've got deadlines breathing down my neck, so I was getting stressed, more stressed than I realized.  So now I'm very happy.  I would be happier with actual paper, rather than a bloody email printout, but it'll do if it must.  I'm still hoping to be able to ask him questions and get constructive responses, but if this is all I get I'll take it.

This almost makes up for the fact that I've gotten to the endpages of the book, and it's full of long, complex multipage poems that give me a headache.  And make no bloody sense.  Hence I need to talk to the actual author.  Arg.  But still, a net yay!

[BTW, sorry Iowa City: Iowa doesn't want me in their program.  This is, of course, a grievous error on their part, but not one I can really change.  Now just to hear from LSU and Indiana, both of which I suspect will admit me.  Score: Mike 1, short-sighted schools who don't know what they're missing 2]
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Good evening Columbus people!  As I may have mentioned earlier, OSU's Creative Writing program is holding an open house for admitted applicants on March 30th.  After some consideration, I've decided to attend (the 250$ travel reimbursement helped, heh).  So, I'm looking for: (1) a place to stay; (2) pickup/dropoff from/to the airport.  My flight information in locked post to follow.  Any offers?  I'm really looking forward to this trip!  Thursday's largely spoken for, but other than that I'm open throughout my stay, so I'd like to see everybody I can.
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I knew something was up when I received the OSU Weekly yesterday - I haven't received it for a couple of years, and even when I did it certainly wasn't the grad/professional edition.  But I figured, hey, they've just passed me through the grad school system, etc, and now they're sending me this (OSU's like that sometimes, with the unnecessary communications and all).

Of course, then I got a call at 11am precisely (well, noon Col's-time) from Lee Martin, the director of OSU's Creative Writing program.  I've been admitted and apparently I'm "near the top of our list".  They've nominated me for a Univ. Fellowship for the first year, and blah blah blah.  There's an open house for U Fellowship noms on March 30th, for which I'm eligible for a travel voucher.  I don't know yet if I'll be able to make that (it's really horrible timing, actually), but Col's people should be aware.

Early February?!  I wasn't expecting any news, good or bad, for at least another couple of weeks.

1 down, 4 to go.

EDIT: It occurs to me in re-reading this that I went a little too far in my dry persona and forgot to mention my emotional reaction. I'm very excited. I know now that even in the unlikely event of my complete and utter rejection from everywhere else, I have a place to go. I've already got all sorts of happy thoughts about Columbus and being back there. I am, to be honest, doing a lot of repression in an attempt to maintain some objectivity about my choice (although I suppose for right now a little school-girl gushing wouldn't hurt). More than anything I feel validated about my work. I know a lot of y'all like my poetry, but your impartiality is damaged by your knowing me; hearing praise from an unbiased source did me a world of good this morning.


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