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It is 1:50 AM.  It is 62 degrees outside, forecasted to dip down to 57 before dawn.  Apparently there *is* a temperature range where I will sleep with the windows open, but my neighbors' infernal central air unit won't kick on.  I get weirdly bent out of shape about this, as former roommates can attest, so the current situation is pleasing.

On a sidenote, I just realized that Ohio sounds very different from Texas.  If this were Texas, all I would hear would be cicadas.  This being Ohio, it's crickets.  (Yes, if there were a Magicicada brood around, it'd be different, but as I recall Columbus doesn't get much in the way of periodical cicadas, only annuals.)  And I knew this, of course, but I don't normally think about it consciously.
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Seriously, how much are they planning on renting it for anyway?  They've been renovating the building next to me since... this past spring, I think?  And I'm just wondering about their market.  The upper level now has what I can only can a Grand Staircase leading up from the backyard.  The front flower beds are freshly replanted.  There is a man in the front yard at this very moment making one of those ridiculous mulch circles around the crab-apple tree.  I mean, it's just... weird.  And a little out of keeping with the look of the rest of the street, which -- being Clintonville -- is sort of the 'natural look', i.e. the trees grow out of the ground, not out of some weird patch of black mulch.  It's fascinating.  I just wonder if they'll even fix the screen door, which is actually entirely the wrong size for the frame, and therefore doesn't close, and therefore bangs in the wind.  It would make me happy if that were fixed.

ETA: And now they're hacking off the crab apple's lower limbs. Poor tree, what did it ever do to them :(
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So things here in Columbus-town are interesting, as always.  Last weekend Kevin was in town for my birthday/Mollie's birthday/Liz's move-out/why-the-hell-not, and in a surprising turn of events we ended up moving all his stuff out of the storage unit and into the apartment, thanks to the unexpected opportunity to press a friend and his rented moving van into service.  Now K's back in DC, and I'm left here with this bizarre apartment that's gotten stuck in the middle of a transition.  Which is fun.  On the other hand, Liz's old room has undergone adequate conversion into The Study, so I'm sitting in here at my desk looking out over the sunlit front lawn.  And a shirtless man wielding a wheelbarrow just jogged up the hill.  So that's something.

I should really be working right now, but I spent a little time earlier typing up the poems I've written so far for my independent study of poetic repetition, and in the process discovered that I've written more than I thought I had.  That seemed like a good enough reason to reward myself with a little break.  This, by the way, is the reason the reward system has never worked for me as a means of self-motivation: I'm too good at rewarding myself.  I think, "I'll just reward myself with a half-hour of TV after I read these two 20-page article," and if I'm being surprisingly diligent, I'll decide after the first article that it was really quite dense, and I deserve a reward now (more likely, I'll decide I deserve the reward after about half an article).

I'm trying to puzzle out my new neighbors.  I mean, there's a big PODS thing sitting on the lawn, which is currently being unloaded.  But... the apartment next door isn't really that terribly nice, as far as I can tell.  And PODS, while not super-expensive, just strike me as a slightly higher-budget solution than the next-door apartment signals.  I also can't tell who lives there (as is common, there are a lot of people helping to unpack, but it's hard to say who the actual tenant(s) are).  I'm pretty sure the guy with the puntable dog lives there, but I'm at a loss for the others, if any.  Time will tell.

Elisa and Francis got married down in Nacogdoches on the 28th, which was very nice.  They both looked fantastic, and I felt rather honored to be able to contribute my voice to their wedding.  Although they did make it hard for me by choosing the most emotionally-charged song in the American Catholic repertoire, "On Eagle's Wings," which has been sung at more weddings, funerals, and other major milestone events than I can possibly express.  Nice and easy to sing without choking up.  But yes, a lovely ceremony and reception, all done in-house: no wedding planners or caterers.  I have the memories of making countless fruit skewers to attest to this.

What else is going on... poor Jetta.  The AC died about an hour into my drive from TX to OH, which I guess really makes it "poor me."  It's in the shop right now.  Hopefully Tom (mechanic) will get back to me soon about an estimate, and hopefully said estimate will be less than astronomical... AC repairs aren't really know for their cheapness.

That's most of the news from Lake Wobegon.  And now it is off to Pistachio with the inimitable [livejournal.com profile] merodi_no_yami and [livejournal.com profile] flohchica!
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Hello out there!  This isn't going to be too terribly long, since I'm pretty tired.  The drive up was not really eventful; we stopped in White House, TN (just a few miles north of Nashville), then in Cincinnati, then finally came to Columbus on Labor Day.  Got all my stuff moved in (and boy, was there a lot of it... I grossly underestimated the amount of crap I have, to the surprise of no one), went to eat with the parents and Liz at Aladdin's, came back home.  Looked around despondently at all the boxes.  Sent the parents off back to Cincy and puttered.

Good things about the new place:
    -So light and airy!  Lots of windows, very spacious.
    -Nice, quiet street.  I can't hear High St. from here at all, and even in the midmorning I mostly hear crickets, not cars.
    -There are yellow cherry tomatoes growing in the back yard.  Also grapes on the vine.  Also some squash.  How cool is that?

Bad things:
    -It's an old place, and I think the building owner got the wiring redone at some point, but only partially.  So there's generally only one three-prong outlet in any given room, which is a little maddening.
    -Baton Rouge recycling?  Far superior.  Here you actually have to pay extra for curbside recycling (admittedly only $5/mo, but still).  So I'll be doing the dropoff game, I think.
    -None of my MEMK girls :(
    -Slightly white trashy neighbors, who are having a loud argument outside at 1:45am, because he accidentally locked her out and she's "been knockin' on the door for thirty fuckin' minutes!"  (First such incident while I've been here, though.)

In the time since moving in, I have:
1.  Unpacked pretty much everything, except for the books.
2.  Done a shit-ton of walking, which is AWESOME.  Most of it hasn't even been purposeful, it's just been walking for walking's sake.  My legs are kinda sore, but that'll pass if I just keep on truckin'.
3.  Bought a mattress and box spring, which were delivered today by the Original Mattress Factory.  Full bed!  Yay!  I'm looking forward to sleep tonight.
4.  Met the boy and approved.  Muchly.
5.  Spent too much money at various nearby eateries that I love deeply (oh well).
6. Hung around with [livejournal.com profile] lit_girl and Liz quite a lot.

It's going to be a good year, I think.  Once I get cable TV hooked up, I'll be totally good to go (we're splitting internet with the upstairs neighbors, woot wireless).  Oh, and buy bookshelves.  Must go on a bookshelf safari.

Updated contact info will follow in a locked entry; non-lj folk should email me for updates.


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