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So... CGMC had its first choreography rehearsal today, and it kicked my ass, both physically and mentally.  Physically, just because I've lost the callouses I used to have on my toes from Dance Guild -- I'm feeling hot spots on both big toes.  Also, note to self: bring/wear shorts next time.

The more annoying thing is the mental fatigue.  I feel like I've reverted to 1996.  Back at the beginning of high school, I was completely uncoordinated; choreography for choir shows was an ugly thing set on my body, all gangly and unfluid.  But by the end of high school, even if I wasn't the best dancer ever, I at least looked like I knew what I was doing.  Well, it's been almost nine years since I did any of that.  And I thought I was doing ok, but then we moved to a room with mirrors, and... y'all.  As I said walking to the car, I'm too butch for this shit.  And I feel heavy, and kludgy, and ungraceful.  And it's not helping that I ended dancing a lot tonight right in front of our guy playing Joseph, who is himself a dancer.  And... fuck.  I felt all of 14 again, all "I look a moron in front of the cool kid."  I'm a smart, sexy, hilarious, accomplished man, and yet I felt like zilch.  Fuck this shit.  I'm better than the way I'm feeling.  But right now my streak of perfectionism is really getting to me -- nothing to do for it but just keep trying.  I've mastered my body before, and I can do it again.  I just hope I can do it in the next month and a half.
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Honestly, people.    I'm sick and bloody tired of hearing about all the "Strikethrough 2007" nonsense.  This morning, I wake up, the CEO of 6A has a long rambling apology posted (pretty obviously written late at night on little sleep), and I'm pleased.  The error was a major one, but they're working to fix it, hurray.  But I couldn't let that be, could I?  No, I thought "Well, I did post a comment as part of the big comment push on the news LJ to ask for some sort of response from admin; I should probably post a thank you as well."  And there it was: the drama llama.  Suddenly there are people going totally crazy there, too.  Not that I should be surprised, I suppose: this *is* the internet, where stupid whininging is a virtue (and let's face it, LJ is one of the whingiest places on the internet). 

But honestly.  Is it necessary to nitpick the rambling, sleep-deprived apology of an executive who doesn't have much to do with LJ anyway?  Berowitz (the CEO) said in the addenda that Brad was out of town (which, frankly, probably has a lot to do with how this went down).  OF COURSE the man doesn't know shit from shinola in this matter!  Wise up, LJ-land: Movable Type and Wordpress are bigger fish than LJ, and they're his main concern.  No need to harass the man.  Oh, and not to sound like a corporate shill, but while the LJ community at large is free to take crazy pills and wave its collective hands in the air like idiots, people whose job this is actually have to come up with some sort of coherent statement before they talk about it, because they're accountable.

Honestly.  Look at these icons: "Livejournal: because fandom makes you a pedo."  "Heave ho, thieves & beggars, never shall we die.  Strikethrough '07."  Yes, because there was a pogrom against fandom.  No really, there was.  Because suspending (not deleting, by the way, suspending) .038% of all the LJs out there (that's 500 out of 13 million, btw) constitutes a pogrom, especially when it's followed by a confused, totally-unprepared apology.

My God.  Please, all you psychotic nutjobs, I beg of you: delete your journals.  Head over to GreatestJournal, or DeadJournal, or whatever.  Those places are dead to me anyway, being even more the haven of lunacy than this little corner of the web, and maybe your departure will make me less apt to claw my eyeballs from my skull.  Good riddance.  (Not that I expect my friends to depart, since I don't tend to befriend the criminally insane, only the slightly off-kilter.)


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