Dec. 2nd, 2008 10:50 pm
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Well, that settles it.  I'm sick.  When I'm sick I eat VAST amounts of food, and in the past five hours I've had: about a half-pound of cheese (and the requisite crackers), a plate of rice and black beans, another plate of buttered rice, an apple, and a bowl of corn flakes.  That's another whole meal, basically, and I only eat two meals a day.  And though I can feel that my stomach is full, my body still thinks it wants more food.  Stupid cold weather leaking in my window and taking up residence in my head.

Luckily it's a light sickness, one I can function during.  All it really means is that I have to (a) blow my nose a helluva lot and (b) seriously evaluate my desire to live when I wake up in the morning.  Or at least, that's what it's doing right now; let's hope it stays level or improves.


And now, as a reward for reading my whinging, a bit of workplace humor.  We were discussing tooth whitening systems, and my boss mentioned that he uses one his dentist gave him, a gel-based thing that stays in for 30 minutes and makes him drool copiously.  Not, he said, something you'd want to do at work (as opposed to, say, whitening strips).

Coworker: So you just sit at home and drool and watch... who's that guy that you watch... Anderson Cooper?
Boss:  Oh no!  I dress up for Anderson.  This is more for watching Rachael Ray.  I wouldn't want Anderson to think I didn't care.
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Silver lining?  No one is allowed to judge me on amount or kind of food I eat.  I need sustenance!  I'm eating for two!  (Me + alien organism trying to consume my body.)  So if I feel like eating leftover rice mixed with leftover spaghetti sauce, which constitutes my third large meal of the day, even though I usually only eat twice a day?  Oh, and I slept for, like three hours this afternoon and I'm about to sleep again?  Whatever, I'm sick.  It's like being pregnant, only without, you know, the promise of new life.
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There's something ironically satisfying about sitting here, watching a vaguely Thanksgiving edition of Iron Chef America (with special guests Giada De Laurentiis and Rachael Ray paired up with Bobby Flay and Mario Batali, respectively, whee!), and eating a mug full of instant Stovetop stuffing (don't worry, I'm having real Thanksgiving dinner later, this is just to tide me over).

It turns out I don't have strep after all.  My nasty, pussy throat is apparently not a secondary infection at all, it's simply an effect of the bloody mono.  Lucky me.  So now instead of the ibuprofen (somewhat effective, but I had to up my dosage, which was going to give me an ulcer) and the lidocaine mouthwash (pretty much ineffective), I have prednisone (a steroid) and Tylenol 3 (with CODEINE!).  Very exciting.  The steroid is already helping to reduce the inflammation (thank. god.), and the Tylenol 3 actually let me sleep through the night last night (well, except for having to get up to pee, since I'm drinking... probably a couple gallons of aqueous liquids a day).  So yeah, I'm thankful for that.  Also thankful for the wide variety of herbal teas on the market nowadays, since black tea (and even maybe green) would just dehydrate me.  Further thankful for a wonderful boyfriend, who came over last night and made dinner, then sat with me and watched TV until all hours of the night :)

Parenthetically yours,
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I swear to God, I will kill someone.  I don't know who, but... well, have you ever been in a situation where you just really feel the need to inflict harsh, physical vengeance on someone, something, anything?  I'm there.  My throat hurts, I've developed a light cough, and I can't stop hiccuping, which only makes me hurt. more.  I'm pretty sure I'm running right aground of a technical OD on ibuprofen (3.2g/day under doctor's orders; I'm technically only ordered up to 2.4g/day, but fuck that, I hurt).  The liquid lidocaine is effective for, oh, about 3 minutes at a time.  I just want to sleep, but instead all I'm doing is hurting.

It's a fucked-up situation when I find myself thinking "PLEASE let it be strep!  If it's strep we can throw some penicillin at it and make it die!"  I have a followup in *glances at clock* 15.5 hours.  I'm coming out of that office with something that packs a bigger punch, either an antibiotic (if appropriate) or a bloody opiate.  Knock my ass out, I don't care.  I just want to not wake up at 3:30 in the morning thinking "Maybe I can perform a home tonsillectomy with my paring knife, yeah, that's the ticket."
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Jesus.  On Tuesday, I woke up with what I am charitably referring to as the Plague.  I stayed home from class, slept, drank tea, yadda yadda yadda.  Wednesday and Thursday I was improving, but last night both Mom and Kevin were under the impression I should take some sort of medication, which isn't necessarily untrue.  So now I'm on Drixoral, which is one of the few cold medications that my body actually responds to (yay chemical resistance!).  The problem, though, is that I really need to read this one critical article and write a Statement of Understanding so I can go to Kentucky tomorrow, but honestly?  I feel really drunk, and I can hardly focus my brain at all.  I wouldn't trust myself to drive right now.  God, I hate this fucking medicine-head feeling.  I made the executive decision to finally watch this past Tuesday's Gilmore Girls in the hopes that maybe I'd "sober up" by the time it finished, but if anything I feel more out of it.  Maybe if I go to the coffee shop the cool air outside and the caffeine inside will wake me up.  Or I'll fall asleep slumped over the critical text, one of the two.  *rolls eyes*


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