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1.  I was thinking earlier today, when I was working at the DMP: I like military guys, as an instructor and as an office worker.  They're generally pretty fit, which is pleasing to the eye, and they're almost always polite -- I never, but never get called "Sir" in my job, and yet there they are saying "Yes, sir" and being all respectful.  Good times.

2.  We had a new campus preacher out today, in the plaza at 15th & High.  As I was walking by, I caught "...but we [presumably the members of his group] no longer see through a mirror darkly; we see crystal clear!"  Pretty fucking presumptuous, buddy.
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OK, so. 

Foot-related item the first.  I walk around barefoot at work quite a lot, and this seems to really weird people out.  Not so much the actual DMP clientele, who don't really even seem to notice, but random students in the halls and rooms.  To wit, I just now walked down the hall to fill up my water bottle, and there was this random guy waiting for the elevator.  We don't even acknowledge each other as I approach, but while I'm standing at the water fountain with my back to him, he says "Floors must be pretty clean here!"  Uh... sure?  They clean them?  And as I said to him, it's not like I'm eating off the bottoms of my feet. 

The better story, though, comes from a colleague's student.  I popped my head in to check on her (she was working on a GIMP project with some students, and I wanted to make sure the program was playing nice), and then I walked off.  She told me later that the student she was working with at the time asked her, "Who was that?"  She told him that I was one of the computer people -- 'he works here' -- to which he responded "He can't work here!  He's not wearing shoes!"

I just think it's funny.  I mean, I work for one of the most laidback segments of an already rather relaxed department.  No one in any official capacity really gives a damn.  But societal expectations of professional dress run strong, I suppose.  I got odd comments from my colleagues down at LSU, too.  Weird broad-scale foot phobia.

Foot-related item the second.  I think I may have to see a doctor about my foot.  It's been periodically giving me trouble for a few weeks now; I can't remember if it started when I jumped off my sister's patio (unimportant story), or if that just 'woke it up'.  Anyway, I have a stabbing pain in the large tarsal on top of my arch sometimes, mainly if I jump somewhere or walk for a long time.  Certainly seems like it could be some sort of fracture.  Ugh, what if it is and I have to wear one of those gigantic boots?  Feh.
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One of my students dropped this past Thursday... what's up with that?  And I feel vaguely bad about it, because she was the only one whose name I couldn't remember on Wednesday!  But I liked her - she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders... huh.  Very strange.


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