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Well, here I am in Chicago at the AWP conference.  We've been having a good time -- rode the Megabus on Wednesday, getting dropped off near Union Station just a scant mile from our hotel.  Brogdon, Maria and I are staying at the Palmer House, and.. god, y'all, that's some swanky swank there.  One of our fellow conference-goers (who is wisely staying at the Travelodge; we booked our room before we found that the department was cutting our funding) calls it the four-dollar-banana hotel, for lo, that is the price of a banana on the room service menu.  But it's also absolutely gorgeous, and really with the conference rate it's affordable, even if not super-cheap.  No use crying over spilt milk, so I might as well just enjoy the luxury :)

Yesterday, the first day of the conference, I was a bad conference-goer.  I didn't even bother to show up to registration, much less attend any panels or talks.  Instead, Brogdon, J-Love, Annie and I went to the Shedd Aquarium.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  The exhibits are very well laid out, they have a great variety of different ecosystems represented (everything from the Amazon to the Mekong to the Caribbean to Lake Michigan wetlands), and at 17.95 for all that and a 15 min Planet Earth short on a big screen, it was totally worth it.  When I die, I want to come back as a Leafy Sea Dragon, is all I'm saying.

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...and then I talk a long time about queer poetics. )

And now back to rough drafts.
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Hi folks.  In New York City.  Madness.  Really fun, but also really tiring.  I think it says a lot about me that I'm in the middle of what is, effectively,l an enforced vacation in a quite-popular tourist city, and yet all I really want to do is find a quiet place to read.  And if that place should happen to be near my boyfriend, my cat, and a steady supply of tea, well, so much the better.  It doesn't help that the Sheraton has, apparently, decided that what THIS hotel lobby really, really needs is... any guesses?  Bad techno.  God help me.  Why is there no wireless above the lobby level, and nothing stealable from nearby buildings?

I have good stories.  I must remember to tell you about Wednesday's West Village hike, today's Chinatown adventure, and everything else.

Ooh, but for right now, I have to report that I have already cultivated an appropriately New York attitude.  I loved walking around the Village, and many of the other attitudes, but as I was walking home through Times Square?  I felt nothing but hate.  Hate for the ridiculous signage, hate for the tourists getting in my way.  Hate.  I <3 NY :)
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I wrote this last week, but apparently I never actually hit the "Post Entry" button.  Oops!  More has happened since then, but I don't have the time at the moment.  I'll try to write more later.


Well, I'm back from camp.  It was a good year, I would say.  Fairly small camp, comparatively speaking, and a staff to match, but we were mighty.  I had the oldest guys for my cabin, five 16 year olds who drove me insane but also made this a really fine camp year.  I love all my guys, and I already miss them.  As far as that goes, I was pretty much immediately struck by the usual post-camp depression and loneliness -- it happens when you're suddenly not surrounded by 60 of your nearest and dearest after having them all up in your business for two weeks -- but I'm getting over that.  The healing began with food, then continued with partying, then with lots of TV, more food, and coffee.  Oh, the TV.  Seriously, I've basically been glued to the TV with occasional interruptions for food.  I watched the entire first season of Weeds yesterday, which was an intensely enjoyable experience.  Also Say Anything this morning -- one of the best movies ever.  And now I'm watching the She-Ra movie, which is... well, if not great at least strangely fascinating, like a trainwreck.  But the food side of the equation has been equally nice, what with a stop-in at Chelsea's, the Chimes, and Atcha, not to mention Highland Coffees.  I have now also replenished my cardamom supply and obtained a tub of sumac, yay Atcha!  Although the chamomile flowers I was going to buy, well, it didn't work out, since all the packages were infested with little bugs.  Though to his credit, the cashier did point it out to me (I didn't notice) and immediately dispose of all the packages.

There's a lot I wanted to say about camp, but I always find it's one of those things that's all but impossible to understand out of context.  If you've been in a good camp experience, you understand.  If not, it's hard to explain the camaraderie and joy of it all.
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Dear Columbus people:

Would anyone be available to give me a ride out to the airport on Wednesday afternoon?  I'd like to be there a little before 3 o'clock for a 4:12 flight.  Lemme know.

Thanks in advance,
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Boo :(

So, a new low-cost carrier has launched in Columbus, name of Skybus.  They have some AMAZING fares.  Specifically, the first 10 seats sold on each flight are $10 (yes, that's ten dollars).  There's not many destinations available, but one of those available is Los Angeles area, or to be more specific: Burbank.  'Why, self,' I thought, 'you have a friend in Burbank itself!'  So I emailed [livejournal.com profile] alstaria, figured out dates that worked, and I bought a roundtrip for $40.80; the taxes and fees were greater than the fares themselves.  So I was very happy, and I forwarded the itinerary to A, who was also very excited. 

Until she noticed that I had not bought a roundtrip Columbus --> Burbank --> Columbus, but rather Burbank --> Columbus --> Burbank.  And the change fees are draconian.  And the cheap seats are all gone.  So now I don't get to go to sunny California in June :(  I'm really disappointed, because I've wanted to visit for years, and then I fucked up -- no one's fault but my own -- and now that went down the drain.  The one silver lining is that, because of their federal pre-certification status, I may be able to get a refund (usually impossible with Skybus), but that's cold comfort.  Sigh.

Anyway, check them out.  Their fares, even the ones that aren't ridiculously amazing, aren't half bad, they're just more than I really want to spend right now.
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Greetings from Ann Arbor!  (Alright alright, stop yer hissing.)

This is an odd town.  It's super yuppie.  But still, it's very cute, and the grad students are crazy-unionized.  And the co-op is beautiful and not at all unreasonable.  Kevin's friends Margot and Adam are also very cute, albeit in a much different (and more positive) way that Ann Arbor.  There apartment is huge and lovely, to boot.  We're having quite a good time, and it's very relaxing.

Yesterday, after a ridiculous amount of running around doing last minute errands, we drove up here through light snow showers (oh, Ohio spring) and made it here around six.  We promptly set out to do the most important thing to do upon arriving: set up our Mii.  Having done that all-important task, we set out for the local Ethiopian restaurant, which has the same name as the one in Columbus, Blue Nile.  It's... well, it's not bad, really, everything's flavorful and it's all-you-can-eat, it's just that I expected it to be somehow spicy, after the manner of Ethiopian food.  It wasn't, but I guess that's a concession to Midwestern taste buds.  Tricky part of having pre-prepared all-you-can-eat: you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Anyway, after that we went to Leopold Bros., a bar that I rather liked.  Apparently it'll be closing in the summer, because they distill all their own liquors on premises, and the bar business isn't pulling its weight.  Pity, too, since they've got great big tables, nice bright lighting, and any number of board games you can play (including, strangely but happily, Settlers).  Their special liquor last night was a Pisco, modeled on a Chilean liquor made from muscat grapes. It tastes sort of like a light tequila without the bite.  Very tasty.  Also their MichiGin and Tonic (G&T+tart cherry liqueur) is pretty awesome.  Only bad thing about it is that you can still smoke in bars in Michigan (I didn't realize until last night how used I've gotten to the smoking ban!), so you marinate in tobacco smoke.

Wii sports and YouTube watching (House of Cosbys = genius) followed after a walk home in the falling snow (I swear to God.  Albino brain chiggers.)  And then the sleeps!

Today was most leisurely, brunch at home, then a lot of Wii'ing, then buying foods at the Co-op for the sweet potato gnocchi and Greek salad we made tonight.  And Jeni's for dessert!  During part of the food prep and for a while after, we played Settlers on the computer, because we are geeky enough that there was a laptop for each of us.  Oh glorious wireless,  Oh fabulous Sea3D.  We were enjoying it enough, and then we switched to a couple of crazy-ass Seafarers maps and it got even better!  Plus we ate of the Jeni's ice cream that we had brought with us for Margot's birthday present.

ETA: I just had the weirdest thing.  They call it a chipati, and apparently all the pizza places here serve them.  It's basically a salad in a thick, chewy pita, with this weird mayo/vinegar/mustard sauce.  It's totally bizarre, and yet quite enjoyable.  Whoda thunk?
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So.  I had the most wonderful experience on Sunday night.  I went with [livejournal.com profile] bustysinclare and our friend Lizzie to go see Richard Thompson up in Kent.  But our story does not start there, no it doesn't.  Our story begins in Columbus, of course, but honestly I-71 is not a fascinating section down near 270.  Although I suppose we should note that, per Lizzie, that when you go driving under the Polaris Place and Gemini Place bridges, it's like flying through a field of astrology.  Anyway, our story begins at exit 186, the Ashland/Wooster exit.  Do you know what's at that exit?  Because we do.  What's at that exit is... Read more... )
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What a great weekend I had.  Kevin and I drove out to Urbana-Champaign, where he did his undergrad, and I got to hang out, meet a bunch of his friends, eat some tasty food... all in all very good.

We started out at "Y-Thai," i.e. the little Thai restaurant in the on-campus YMCA there.  UIUCers seem to have a deep attachment to this place, and it wasn't bad.  The Thai iced tea was especially nice.  Unfortunately for Y-Thai, it got overshadowed that night by a visit to Siam Terrace in downtown Urbana, which was just amazing.  Seriously wonderful.  I had the Poh Taek (a delightfully citrusy seafood soup) and a pork green curry, nice and spicy.  Also tasted over people's entrees, and they too were amazing.  You need to be eating there.

Before Siam Terrace, though, we wandered around campus, Kevin giving me basically his version of a campus tour ("This is where I did <extremely specific activity>... and over there [waves hand vaguely] is engineering campus.  I think.").  The library, by the way, is beautiful.  I wasn't able to go in the stacks, since they're only open to Faculty/Staff/Grads/Honors Undergrad (which really gets my hackles up, honestly, but whatever), but I did see this amazing grand staircase that was four kinds of library porn.

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