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Good e'en, all.  Thought I'd update on the car situation, despite the fact that a nagging little voice in the back of my head tells me that doing so will jinx it and cause it all to end in tears.  So, I've been driving my sister's car around, yes?  Even back and forth to Austin.  It's a serviceable machine, but I have been really chomping at the bit to get my own car, instead of driving around her car (which is bigger than I'd like, and made in these United States, a negative in my list for reasons of mechanical dependability and performance).  This weekend is the likely end-point of that chomping.  [livejournal.com profile] queenmargot, [livejournal.com profile] rnbowpixy, [livejournal.com profile] schatiekech and I are all going on a car-buying trip this weekend.

If the moons align properly, I'll be buying a 1999 VW Jetta from a Toyota dealership in Plano.  There are many opportunities for this to end in ruin, of course.  I already found another likely car prospect (also, coincidentally, a Jetta) in the metroplex earlier in the week, but when I inquired about it I was told it had been sold the day before.  I'm very much hoping this damn car doesn't poof the same way in the 36 hours (ish) between now and Saturday when I'll be there.  Of course, even if it doesn't, I've never seen any image of this car.  I've looked at the Carfax report (provided free by the dealer, cool), and I've asked questions about its appearance and condition, but it could turn out to be garbage, and I have to be prepared to walk away.  On the other hand, let us focus on its positive points: Jetta!  Sunroof!  Pretty!  Good mpg!  Good price!  Clean Carfax!  It's also a manual, which is really neither a negative nor a positive for me.  I can drive stick, but I've never owned one.  Gas mileage is better if you drive it right, and standards can be kinda sexy.  They can also be maddening when you're juggling phones, drinks, and foodstuffs, like a good American.

In addition, there's also a random variable floating around, as there often is.  Malcom Doan, the guy I bought the Corolla from, went to an auction today, and he told Mom he'd keep an eye open for Corollas, Civics, and Accords in my price range.  He's going to call her tomorrow to tell her if he saw anything good.  While I have a little bit of an automotive crush on the Jetta, Doan Autos is still definitely a possibility.

Also, I'm looking forward to showing the girls Nacogdoches.  I know I high-tailed it out of that town as soon as I could after I graduated from high school, but I'm actually quite fond of it.  It's not a bad little town, and it has some interesting things to see.  Plus I've been having an El Chile Picoso craving for a while now, and I hope to assuage it.  (El Chile Picoso, also known as "the taco shack," is a 24-hour Mexican eatery on South St.  If it has closed down, I will cry bitter tears.)

So anyway, I'll be away from the computer for a few days (I say that, but I might bring ye olde laptoppe).  Hopefully I'll return in a different car, woohoo!
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I've figured out why I'm tired.  It's because there aren't enough hours in the day when you're working a real job.  Stupid real job, I'm tired of this garbage.  Oh well, only 2.5 weeks until camp, which is also tiring, but in a much more rewarding way.  Tomorrow, I think, I might be able to actually write something substantive.  For now, I'm just going to mention that it's an odd feeling to meet with an insurance rep in the lobby of your workplace and walk away one car poorer and $4646.36 richer.

Happy house thoughts for a showing tomorrow (Tuesday) in Col's would be appreciated.
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As I'm being all insomniac right now, plus it's hard to sleep anyway while my ass is being all sweaty (TMI, I know, sorry, but it is, and for no good reason!), so I might as well update.

The parents came down Saturday to bring me my sister's car, a Ford Taurus.  Y'all, that thing is big.  It's a midsize, instead of the compacts I'm used to; feels like some big animal I'm barely controlling.  I imagine this is due to the bigger engine.  Whatever the reason, I feel like I'm driving some huge-ass Lincoln or whatnot, even though it's your pretty standard midsize sedan.  It is long enough that it's parked in the driveway tonight on the off-chance that Kregg might show up in the early morning: I'm pretty sure I can't do my standard S-curve backing out of the garage in this car [Kregg parks in the driveway behind me].

Mandi, Erin, and Katie came over on Saturday night for dinner with the 'rents.  I made pork chops (decent), bean salad (tasty), banana bread (a little odd, since I had to substitute in ground almonds for part of the flour -- who runs out of flour?!), and a chocolate sorbet (not actually -- I think I boiled the syrup inadequately, as it never congealed right, even up to the present).  Erin brought potato salad (scrumptious) and Katie brought crescent rolls (nummy).  It was a pleasant meal, and it was confirmed to me that I have nice parents.

Got up early to see them off, then compensated by having nap in the living room this afternoon.  Phoebe took one too, on the floor just below my head.  Very cute.  Much Buffy watching tonight, further cementing my excessive identification with Anya.  Seriously, I'm Anya.  I yell out her lines before she says them, because they're things I'd say anyway.

I drove myself a little crazy just now.  When my brain drops down to its idle state, I tend to worry about money (legacy of fiscal irresponsibility throughout undergrad), and the whole car thing only exacerbates it.  It's a big effort to blank my mind and not just run numbers obsessively.  Well, I couldn't quite win the struggle against the number juggernaut earlier, so I started going through budgets in my head, but I made a severe error in my calculations (not quite this simple, but in essence I figured that there are only two weeks in a month) that led to me concluding I'd have to take on LOTS of credit card debt.  I'm an idiot though, so all is well.  And now I'm feeling sleepy, so maybe I can finally go to sleep.  If we can tune down the ass sweat.
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Well, nothing more has happened, insurance-wise, with the wreck.  I hadn't expected it to, since they might not have even retrieved my car until today, and then they have to do an analysis and all that.

Health-wise, it's a mixed bag.  My knees were very sore from getting knocked around on Thursday, somewhat less so Friday morning, and are now pretty much back to normal except for some tenderness on the actual bruise sites.  The abrasions on my hips/upper thighs (from the lapbelt) have stopped suppurating, and are now kind of fun to watch as they change colors -- sorry, I tried to take pictures, but I just can't get the angle right.  The airbag friction burn/abrasion on my left inner elbow continues to be a source of distracted amusement, as I am continually able to pull off the little blobs of dead skin that pill up like lint on an old blanket. 

But my ribcage, oy.  It had been feeling pretty good, albeit bruised, and then I sat up tonight and it felt like there was a pop or something, though honestly I may have imagined it.  The pain has come back more now (concentrated on the right side, I think the 9th rib, right where I would have knocked into the console), and I'm wondering if I have a cracked rib.  I had hoped to go in tomorrow to the Student Health Center (despite no longer being a student, my insurance premium's paid up through August), but they won't be open on Saturdays again until fall semester.  Really, though, I don't know what good it could do to go in, other than getting some prescription painkillers (which seem uncalled for, since the pain's not really that bad).  I know self-diagnosing patients are the bane of a doctor's existence, but I've been doing some reading up on it, and really it doesn't much seem worth it to go to the emergency room, since from what I can tell from the literature, the treatment for a cracked rib that isn't causing pleural damage (again, self-diagnosis bad, but it doesn't hurt to breathe deeply except insofar as the ribcage is expanding) is pretty much to tell the patient "If it hurts, don't do that," the bone being naturally splinted by the other ribs and the intracostal muscles.  I really have no desire to sit for hours in an emergency room just to get told not to perform actions that cause me pain, and I have no other reason to get it X-rayed or whatever: it's not like I'll need it for a legal proceeding against myself [me being the at-fault party].  So, yeah.  Any medical types want to weigh in, with the understanding that any such weighing in would in no way hold the weight of a medical opinion based on an actual exam and should not be construed as medical advice?

Anyway.  I'm going to go to bed and try not to cough.  Or laugh.  Or move.  Or worst of all, sneeze -- I've found sneezing to be a safari through the jungle of sudden surprising ouchies.
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Well, the Louisiana team got back to me quite promptly, and told me to go get my personal effects out of my car, because that thing is almost certainly totaled.  They will be sending their "total loss" team out there within the next couple of days to retrieve the vehicle and confirm what I already know, which is: that machine's life has come to an end. 

I learned two things at the tow lot:
1.  I have an immense amount of crap in my car.  Thank God I brought a box to throw it in.
2.  The damage was more severe than I thought. 
    2a.  Toyota Corollas can take a hit well; the interior cabin wasn't too bad.  I came out not badly at all, and I think a passenger would have gotten away with only moderate wounding.  I highly recommend the vehicle on subjective, non-scientific safety grounds.

Look!  Pictures of the damage.  Goodbye, car.  You were a good vehicle, and you gave your life saving mine.
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Just because I'm megalomaniacal enough to think that you want constant updates.

I called State Farm this morning, and just got a call back from the adjuster, who is Texas-based.  We talked for a while, and eventually she said she'd collected all the information she needed, and that she would transfer the entire claim to a Louisiana team, because obviously a team based in BR will be able to get more done than a team in Dallas.  They can't really tell me much at the moment, since they need to go out and look at the car, do the adjustment and all that.  I did ask about the interplay of claims, and she said that in the event that the car is irreparable, both claims will pay out, each deducting from the other so that neither party's policy is penalized for the entirety of the damage, which is fair.  I was assured that it would be seamless to me; I hope this is true.

I need to get out to the tow lot at some point to retrieve some random stuff that I accidentally left in there.  There's a lot of random crap under the seats, which I don't *need* per se, although some of it would be nice to have, but there's also my LSU hangtag (still valid until August) and the garage door opener, neither of which I thought to grab in the post-wreck state of calm shock.

I think my feet must have swung sharply toward the right relative to the position of the car upon impact (yay inertia), because I have bruises on the right sides of both my upper arches.  Good times.

I was feeling all researchy last night, so I went onto cars.com last night.  I did find a mid-90s Civic with decent mileage/cost ratio from a private seller.  Course, it's purple, so there's that too.  I dunno.  We'll see.  I shouldn't get too far ahead of the game yet -- I don't even know what I'm working with.
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Evening.  How are y'all doing?  I'm sore, but a little bit buzzed.  This will make sense in a bit.

Work has been going well.  My thighs don't hurt from it anymore, and I feel like I'm starting to work out the geography of the place (I was getting turned around pretty constantly the last couple of days).  I've been chatting with the somewhat taciturn Daniel today, which was nice.  *nefarity nefarity*  I think I won't overly mind going into work on Monday.

Monday, you ask?  Why Monday?  Don't I work Thursdays?  [And you know, now that I think of it, is the office closed Memorial Day?  I don't know.  Hmm.]  Well, I do, generally.  But you see, I kinda wrecked my car tonight, well and good.  Failed to yield on a left turn to an oncoming car that came out of butt-fuck NOWHERE.  I do now know that the airbags on my car (my car, *tear*) are quite operational.  I'm ok but for bruises, scrapes, and abrasions, as is the other guy, but they towed both our cars to some tow lot up by the airport.  Big props from tonight go to Erin, who went and scrounged around in my room for my insurance information, which was unaccountably not in my car, and then drove me home.

Further big props to my parents, who are probably living saints, because they are driving in for the second weekend in a row to bring me my sister's car (she'll be in Montana from Friday til, uh, July).  Judging from the blue book on my car, which is either 3500 or 4950 depending on whether we're talking trade-in or private party value -- I have no idea how insurance calculates it -- I think the poor thing's probably totaled.  So... I'm probably looking for a new vehicle now.  I am quite sad about this.  And no, I haven't missed the fact that I seem to be attracting wrecks like a dead cow attracts buzzards.  It's been pretty painfully in the forefront of my brain.

Please don't ask me any technical insurance questions.  I don't know what the interplay is between my prior claim on the rear-end and this one.  I don't know what will happen.  I simply do not know at the moment, but I'll let you know as soon as I do, so you too can live the vicarious experience.

Well.  Mr. Scalding-Hot Bath, Messrs. Shiner Hefeweisen, Messrs. Twin Bloody Lapbelt Abrasions, Mr. Bruised Ribcage, Mr. Airbag Abrasion, and I now bid you good e'en.
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So, last Friday I was pretty stressed.  And now I'm doing better, and thought I'd just give an update.

The poor sad car
This morning the other guy's insurance finally got a real contact with him (they've been playing phone tag), so I was able to start the repair process.  Estimate went very smoothly at Adams Collision, who I'm already feeling very good about.  $2711 of damage, but I don't have to pay one red cent.  My advice: if you must get rear-ended, let it be by an insured driver.  There was some very frustrating miscommunication on rental cars, but it needn't really be recounted.  Suffice it to say I had my engine diagnosed, and the engine trouble isn't related to the wreck, but is rather an odd coincidence -- the engine trouble is from my spark plugs marinating in ditch water for over a week after I forded the street in my Corolla in Lafayette a couple weekends ago.  So I have to pay for it, but at least it's just plugs and wires, not transmission or something truly wallet-breaking like that.  And once they drained the spark plug sockets of water, it runs SO much better, enough that I wasn't afraid to drive it around on errands today.  I'll get the plugs/wires replaced tomorrow, and then after Adams gets the parts in, I'll get a rental for the 8 days it'll take to fix my poor sad car.  Good as new!

The job situation
But before I can get my car fixed, I have to go to an orientation tomorrow at Louisiana Cardiology Associates.  Barring something completely crazy and unforeseeable, I'll start as a file clerk the Monday after graduation.  Will it be soul-crushing, suicide-inducing work?  Possibly.  But it pays, and they don't mind me disappearing for three weeks to go work at a heart camp (as well they shouldn't, CARDIOLOGY people!).  In addition, I have a strange enjoyment of clerical work.  I actually really like sorting things.  I like putting things in other things (stuffing folders, gift cups, whatever).  I can just put my brain on idle and use most of my brain for other things.  The trick is not to fall so far into the Zone that it turns into a fugue state.

I've still not even started writing my paper for Dr. Stone.  However, I used a lot of my time today productively, reading and annotating articles instead of just reading TIME or a pleasure book.  As soon as I can sharpen my thesis statement (it's still a bit nebulous at the moment, I'm looking for the little bit of thought that suddenly snaps it into sharp focus), it should pretty much write itself, well in time for me to finish it by Friday (my deadline, in advance of the actual Monday deadline).  Still haven't met with Sylvie about the research assistantship stuff, but I think I'll try to do that next week.  I'm slowly working around to a 'fuck it' position.  I still fully plan to fulfill my obligations and complete a great pair of syllabi long before I leave , but it just ain't gonna happen by graduation, so I'm not really worried about it.  Fire me.

Yesterday was moderately unproductive in schoolwork terms, but I don't regret it at all, and I did get some annotation done.  More importantly, I saw Thank you for Smoking with Mandi.  I'm feeling that this entry is currently too long already, so let me just saw: hilarious.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time -- it skewered everybody, without regard to politics or stances.  There were. no. heroes.  It also provoked thought, but without detracting from the pure enjoyment factor, which I think is important.  Following that, we went to pétanque.  Being forty minutes late, we didn't play, but I did take a great picture of this butterfly that was flying around alighting on anyone that would stand still more than two seconds.
Papillon de pétanque!

Post-pétanque beers at Chimes, congratulatory dinner for Tanja at Chelsea's (yay ABD!), Gilmore Girls and Scrubs at Erin's.  A good day.
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Ha!  So I'm sitting here watching Daisy Cooks! on LPB+, and she just said her bacalao fresco was so good,Makes you wanna beat ya mama!"  I've heard that expression here as 'slap', most famously for the "Slap Ya Mama"!" brand of seasoning.  It was just so surprising to hear it come out of her mouth, since she's usually so non-controversial, and that could really be construed poorly.  Are other people familiar with this expression?

Thought I'd mention the epilogue to last night's madness.  I decided that instead of going to bed I'd run a searing hot bath and just soak in it while reading.  Strangely, hot water plus articles on energy, foreign, and military policies equals relaxation.  I felt much better afterward.

The car saga continues, now with new and improved annoyance!  As I was driving home from campus, the car started shuddering.  And then a foul smell started emanating from the engine.  And then I would occasionally hear clanking noises, like metal hitting metal.  Unsurprisingly, the dashboard thinks I should check my engine soon.  Ya think?  I did have the presence of mind to check engine fluids, and they're all good.  And this has appeared all of a sudden, post-accident, so I at least have a strong suspicion it's related.

Unfortunately no progress on the repair front.  I have contact info for his claim team, so I called them up when I got home.  They say they "are contractually obligated to make contact with the insured before we can being pay-out", which confuses me, since 'the insured' had called me to collect some more information on Wednesday prior to calling them, but hey.  OK.  The insurance guy was very polite and helpful, said he'd try calling 'the insured' again right away, and that he would call me just as soon as he made contact.  I just want to get this dealt with, especially since the sooner I get this started the sooner I can see about getting a rental; BR's a city where it's hard not to have a car, and I don't really want to drive mine right now, not while it's making the weirdness.

So yeah, that's me.  Garlic hummus from Whole Foods goes surprisingly well with "Fresh Made" Potato Chips from a surprisingly good deli in a gas station in Bardstown, Ky.  Yes, I'm still eating food from that drive.  What of it?
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I am so frustrated.  I really need to find a job for the summer, outside of the 3 weeks in July I'm already committed to working at Camp Bon Coeur.  That big chunk of time, however, is proving to be a major problem.  A lot of places I just haven't even bothered to apply, because they're not the sort of jobs that one could, oops, disappear from for the better part of a month, especially not after having worked there for only a month or so.  But if I can't find a job, the possibilities go from unpleasant to really unpleasant: attempting to up my credit line and then maxing it out.  Borrowing money from the parents.  MOVING HOME TO LIVE WITH THEM OVER THE SUMMER DEAR SWEET GOD IN HEAVEN NO.  I seriously am starting to freak out a bit, and this on top of stressing over my final papers and things.

What's really exacerbating my frustration is that I got an email through the creative writing listserve at OSU about a job with American Greetings (the card company) working in their creative studio in Cleveland for a huge $15-20/hr with very flexible schedule.  But... it's in Cleveland.  1.  I'm not sure I'm really mentally ready to just up and leave Louisiana yet, and 2. Even if I were I don't have the faintest clue where the fuck I'd live for the summer (or for that matter where I'd put my crap in the interim).  And for that matter, 3. I don't even know if the company would be ok with me going away for 3 weeks, which I neither can nor want to not do.  But it just looks so tasty... arg!!!!  Hate.  I AM BEING DRIVEN MAD, MAD I SAY.

And. And! And? I nearly freaked out today. I was dead tired after my noon class (because I got up way before I ususally do in order to write a paper), so I went home between it and my six o'clock. As I was getting in the car, it started to rain, and it looked exactly like it did two days ago when I got hit. I started shaking and only narrowly held it together. I just really wanted to cry, because I was so frustrated with myself, because goddammit fine, I got in a wreck, move on, not every car on the road is waiting to hit you, you don't have to flinch every time you're at a red light and another car moves up behind you as they are wont to do, you insane batcase lunatic. I'm a fucking mess, I realize this. I need to chill for a bit, but I've got not only a damn research paper, but also finishing up my research assistantship stuff which I've been putting off which is absolutely no one's fault but my own and I recognize this but still JESUS it's not something I want to deal with at the moment and oh yeah at some point I have to deal with getting my damn car repaired probably right in the middle of my family being down for graduation if I time it super-duper-well as I have a terrible habit of doing and fuck it I need to sleep before I really go off the deep end. Ugh. UGH. Night.
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Well, I mean, not everything: the car's still broken.  I had forgotten, however, the oven-like nature of the garage, which has baked my trunk bone-dry, so that's nice.  And last night I managed to write the poem that I'd been working on; it didn't come out as originally envisioned, but I think I got most of the touchstones.

Si ça fait orage )

ETA: Forgot to mention. I talked to Susannah on Monday, and now I have a better idea of what I'm doing at CBC this summer. Apparently I'm to teach Drama and function as something which... isn't named as such, but which sounds to be an amalgam of a Senior Counselor and an Assistant Program Director. As she said it, teach drama in the morning, walk around in the afternoon making sure everything's going smoothly (or whatever schedule happens). No cabin this summer, seems.
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Well.  Fuck a lotta this day.

I'm especially annoyed with today, because it snuck up on me, the little bastard.  It started out pretty well: did some work in the morning, applied to some summer jobs, then set off for campus.  Got a surplus ticket for commencement, so now my whole family can see the Dark Prince speak in the Main Ceremony (yes, Cheney's the speaker, ye gods), paid Todd for the departmental crawfish boil on Saturday, annotated some books of Cajun poetry for the paper due on Thursday at Highland with an Earl Grey iced tea.  Going so nicely, right?

Well.  I had been planning on doing some running/walking/bunny hopping/whatever over at the lake during rush hour, the better to avoid the road madness.  I even brought different shorts.  But leaving Highland Coffees, I looked up at the sky and saw the writing on the wall.  And felt the southeasterly wind, which never bodes well.  So I decided to call off the exercising.  Strike one.

Halfway down what I hoped would be a relaxing drive down River Rd., all cool wind and brooding skies, the heavens opened.  River Road is not the best road in dry, sunny conditions, but it becomes a bit nerve-wracking in the pounding rain (I just felt sorry for the cyclists training there; oy).  Strike two.

So what was strike three?  Well.  So I'm driving down Gardere, which I HATE to drive on in the rain, since everyone drives like an idiot on it in the best of conditions, and it gets slick like a motherfucker when it's wet.  So I'm going along, and the guy in front of me brakes.  I come to a stop behind him and look in my rearview, and there's no way in hell that Jeep's stopping in time.  Unfortunately Gardere is closely bordered by ditches, so I did the only thing I could do: sighed.

It's not really that bad.  It was a pretty low-speed accident, so my car's still perfectly driveable (albeit it now has a rope holding the trunk closed).  The other driver has insurance (same company, in fact), and there was no argument about the facts of the matter.  Hell, there even happened to be a sheriff in the parking lot of the carwash we pulled off into.  So really, it's not that bad.  Other than the wreck itself, the most annoying thing has been figuring out how to disconnect my trunk light so I don't run down my battery.

Still, I'm going through some sort of... I don't know.  You know how there's stages of grief?  Well, I'm not aggrieved as such, but I'm moving through some sort of process.  I'm currently moving through the tail end of an anger stage, which amusingly/illogically has been directed more toward my car than toward the guy who hit me.  Mainly I'm already thinking of the all-but-inevitable mold or mildew that will end up in the trunk.  Oop, shit, now I've suddenly veered toward the sadness phase.  I really have grown to like my car!  I don't like it to be hurt!  :( 

Luckily if I go to one of State Farm's Service First places it's all very simple, don't have to drive all over town to get estimates and all that.  There's even a chance I could get a rental car, which would be terribly handy, since by my quite amateur analysis of the damage it might take a bit of time (there's some bending in the outer trunk lip, which may or may not be tricky).  And if I can't, I can maybe get it done in Nacogdoches and steal my sister's car, since she'll be in Montana doing an internship.

So yeah, I'm annoyed, but really ok.  I'm having a Moosehead, eating some Ben & Jerry's (Pistachio Pistachio!).  And Phoebe's being terribly sweet.  I was peeing just now, and Phoebe butted her way through the poorly-closed door to jump on the counter and say hi.  I know this doesn't sound sweet, but Phoebe doesn't much like the bathroom for some reason, so it was a nice gesture.  Anyway, yeah.

ETA: I just realized another reason the wreck is vastly annoying. I had been composing a poem I was really into as I drove down River, which had been completely driven from my mind until just now (1:17am). I'm sitting here trying to reconstruct it in my head, but I think it's pretty much gone. Dammit.


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